Friday, 20 May 2011

Looking at blogs

Area Trace No Search
200 Weeks
The Thinking Policeman
One Man and his Plod
pc bloggs: a twenty first century police officer
Welcome to Toy Town
Response Plod
Panda Tales
Sergeant Simon
Political Police
World Weary Detective
Police Inspector Blog
The Blue Light Run
Hog Day Afternoon
Tales from the Metropolis
Travails across Safer Neighbour hoods
The Adventures of Policeboy
Shijuro is not georgedixon's Blog
You want to be a hero?

I've been looking for and reading police blogs this week and have found quite a few. Many are not current and about a dozen found so far have either been deleted or are private - establishing the obvious difficulty with these blogs of confidentiality and the importance of keeping their identities secret. These are the current ones I've found so far. (I'm seeing anything with a post this year as current)

If you know of other ones I haven't come across yet please leave a link to them.

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  1. Try "Planet Police" it seems to have most police blogs.