Friday, 10 June 2011


I am still collecting data on the blogs I have found, generally to try to see what the bloggers motivations seem to be, whether this changes during the course of their blog as a whole and what kind of comments they get.

Thank you to anyone who has contributed with their own comments, either privately or through our or their blog. A few people are clearly sceptical of our own identities or our motives for carrying out this research - I attribute this to an understandable caution due to the risks which seem to be inherent in the very act of blogging as a member of a police force. This point itself has come up in several blogs, questioning the need for anonymity - not so much for themselves but why the senior levels of management are so against their officers blogging, thereby making it such a risk to do so and be identified.

I am finding it takes much longer to collect the data than perhaps it should - the blogs are absorbing reading and I often find myself reading posts for the sake of it rather than with my goal in mind!

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